William Barden, 16331693 (aged 60 years)

William /Barden/
Given names
Birth 1633
MarriageDeborah BarkerView this family
March 1, 1659 (aged 26 years)
Birth of a daughterMercy Barden
November 1, 1662 (aged 29 years)
Birth of a daughterDeborah Barden
June 28, 1665 (aged 32 years)
Birth of a sonJohn Barden
March 17, 1667 (aged 34 years)
Birth of a sonStephen Barden
April 15, 1669 (aged 36 years)
Birth of a sonAbraham Barden
May 14, 1674 (aged 41 years)
Birth of a sonJoseph Barden
September 1675 (aged 42 years)
Birth of a daughterAnna Barden
August 26, 1677 (aged 44 years)
Birth of a sonBenjamin Barden
about 1679 (aged 46 years)
Birth of a sonWilliam Barden
about 1681 (aged 48 years)
Birth of a daughterSarah Barden
about 1683 (aged 50 years)
Birth of a daughterMary Barden
about 1685 (aged 52 years)
Birth of a sonNathaniel Barden
about 1688 (aged 55 years)
Birth of a daughterContent Barden
about 1691 (aged 58 years)
Death March 22, 1693 (aged 60 years)
Family with Deborah Barker
Birth: 1633Barnstable, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Death: March 22, 1693Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Marriage MarriageMarch 1, 1659Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts
4 years
Birth: November 1, 1662 29 23Barnstable, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Death: 1713Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
3 years
Birth: June 28, 1665 32 26Barnstable, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Death: Barnstable, Plymouth, Massachusetts
21 months
Birth: March 17, 1667 34 28Barnstable, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Death: April 8, 1725
2 years
Birth: April 15, 1669 36 30Barnstable, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Death: 1729
5 years
Birth: May 14, 1674 41 35Barnstable, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Death: 1729Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
17 months
Birth: September 1675 42 36Barnstable, Plymouth, Massachusetts
2 years
Birth: August 26, 1677 44 38Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
2 years
Birth: about 1679 46 40Barnstable, Plymouth, Massachusetts
3 years
Birth: about 1681 48 42Barnstable, Plymouth, Massachusetts
3 years
Birth: about 1683 50 44Barnstable, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Death: May 9, 1745Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
3 years
Birth: about 1685 52 46Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
4 years
Birth: about 1688 55 49Middleborough, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
4 years
Birth: about 1691 58 52Barnstable, Plymouth, Massachusetts

THE ANCESTRY AND DESCENDANTS OF ISAAC BARDEN by Ruth Story Devereaux Eddy. THE PIONEERS OF MASSACHUSETTS, by Pope. "William was a covenant servant of Thomas Boardman, bound for a 7 yr service. It is thought he arrived in New England in the year 1638. On Dec 1, 1638, having served Boardman only 7 months he was transferred to John Barker of Marshfield to serve for the rest of the period and to learn the trade of a bricklayer. If the termination of the period of service coincided with the coming of age of William Barden, as was most often the case, this would make him 21 years of age in the summer of 1645 and place his birth in the year 1624." In 1643 William was a resident of Marshfield; in March 1660 was in Duxbury, MA. After marriage went to Middleborough then to Barnstable for about 20 years. About 1683 returned to Middleborough where William died early in 1693. HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF MIDDLEBORO, MASS. by Thomas Weston, p.302, states the Barden family settled in that part of Middleborough now called Barden Hills. It is the section east of the Four Corners at Middleborough Centre. BARDEN BLUE BOOK by Ezra Cornelius Potter. MARR: GENEALOGICAL DICTIONARY OF SAVAGE. Also, GENEALOGICAL NOTES OF BARNSTABLE FAMILIES and NEW ENGLAND HISTORIC AND GENEALOGICAL MAGAZINE (vol. II,p650). Pedigree of Stephen Otis Barden. " In William's will he leaves 100 acres in the Bridgewater bounds at the Titticut River to his two oldest sons and 100 acres to Abraham and Joseph at Purchade and Abraham, Joseph and Stephen were to give Anna, Mary & Sarah 20 shillings when they became 18 yrs of age. All of the rest of his estate was to belong to his wife. The estate was not settled until 1713, probably when the last child became of age. An inventory was taken by John Allyn & Ehraim Tincon Sep 14 1693 and they valued his "wearing close" 2 pounds 10 shillings; his arms and ammunition 3 pounds 5 shilling; his household stuff 4 pounds 10 shillings; bedding 12 pounds; linen & wollen gear 2 pounds; cart & all maner of under 10 pounds; Indian corn & English corn 15 pounds; the oxen & the cows & hogs 25 pounds; house, land and meadow 90 pounds; bricks & dirt 3 pounds. The whole estate was thus valued at about 168 pounds, rather a goodly sum in those days even for a man with a wife & 13 children to support." THE BARDEN-BARDEEN GENEALOGY by William A. Bardeen, c 1993, p 1-5. MARR: Genealogical Dictionary by Savage; Genealogical Notes and Barnstable Families, by Otis, Vol 1, p66. Soon after their marriage, Deborah and William went to Middleborough and then to Barnstable where they remained about twenty years. MARRIAGE RECEIPT: "I William Barden heretofore of Concord---do acknowledg my selfe to have received in the right of Deborah my lawful wife, and daughter to John Barker late deceased, the full sume of ten pounds by Abraham Blush to be in hand paid in full of what by order of Court belongeth to the said Deborah my wife as her dowery or legacy and I the said William Burden doe for myself and my wife, our heirs -- Discharge the said Abraham Blush his heirs forever, for all and every part of said ten pounds in witness whereunto I have hereonto set my hand this first of March 1660. The mark of William Burden" Witness: William Bradford Thomas Hinckley MAYFLOWER DESCENDENTS, Vol 17, p 111. THE HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF MIDDLEBORO, MASS. by Thomas Weston, p203. States that the Barden family settled in that part of Middleboro now called Barden Hills. It is the section east of the Four Corners at Middleboro. The book contains a picture of the old Barden House, which has been owned by the Barden family for over 250 years. William Barden died in Middleboro early in 1692/3 and left a will.